Owl Eyes Excerpt

by Georgie Watts

This is an excerpt from Owl Eyes which is soon to be added to Amazon but you can order it now here.


Without warning, Phanatic launched herself like lightning at the man, her foot making full devastating contact with his knee, making a wince-worthy CRACK!!! which caused him to collapse on the ground and release Owlie. Phanatic grabbed the man’s arm on his way down to meet the floor and twisted both arms into a painful lock. She sat on his back, holding his head firmly in place with her knees and squashed his stupid nose deep into the disgusting carpet.

‘Get out!’ she shouted to Owlie, ‘Before these dickheads work out what day it is!’

Owlie quickly picked up the skillet and, keeping every man in the room in her sights, she backed carefully out of the flat, making sure the door remained open for Phanatic.

As soon as she was certain it was safe to, Phanatic shot up like a flash, stomping the man’s face into the ground hard with her right foot.

They were out into the night air, ‘Fuckin’ ‘ell girl, how did ya get yourself involved with that lot?!’ she noticed Owlie’s red swollen, limp left wrist and egg-shaped lump to the side of her forehead.

‘Um I dunno…I got bored and pissed off and I kinda followed them…they caught me stalkin’ them and then I had no choice….it’s a long story….’

‘Did anyone hurt you, what’s this on your ‘ead?’ Phanatic said, looking searchingly into Owlie’s deep watery brown eyes.

‘I went dizzy and banged my head in the bathroom I think…next thing I knew one them was on top of me saying weird shit and I just panicked and bit him and then……’

‘What, you clobbered him?’

‘Yes, he wouldn’t leave me alone, there was so much blood….am I going to get into trouble?’

‘No it’s fine, he’s fine…he ain’t dead….’

Owlie was sobbing now, relieved she was well out of it and Phanatic took hold of her in her arms, ‘Don’t cry, it’s alright I’m here. Mickey’s here to save the evenin’ ain’t she?!’

Snotting and gulping and trying to view her buggered hand in the streetlight, Owlie said, ‘Your name’s Mickey?!’