The Malcontent Fishwife Issue 1 is OUT NOW

The Malcontent Fishwife Issue 1 is OUT NOW – CLICK HERE TO BUY


  • Une Womage to the ‘Disgruntled Housewife’ website (RIP)
  • Who the Fuck Am I?
  • Facebook Ranty Pants
  • Deterring Pissy Binmen
  • One Too Many Periods
  • Crying About Everything Being Sexist
  • Don’t Be a Cunty Kim
  • Snippets & Tea From the Past
  • Top Bolloxy Things That Make Women Over 40 Go Ballistic
  • Why Older Women Shouldn’t Shut Up!
  • Your Barnet is Political
  • Good Enough for Me / Not Good Enough for Him
  • Motherwound
  • Shall I Do Your Washing Up For You?
  • Why Artist Shouldn’t Pose Like Muppets Next to Their Work
  • On Being a Baby Old Lady
  • Woman Stops Woman from getting into Male Dominated Industry
  • Some People Are Twats
  • So Nice to Come Fast
  • Sheepie
  • 20 art pics
  • 10 original 1970s vintage women’s mag ads.